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One remains on the courts while the other has moved from the fairway to the ringside, but together, retired sports champs Gigi Fernandez and Jane Geddes have planted roots in the area

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Of course Karson and Madison are going to have a competitive streak ten miles wide. Just look at their parents. One mom was a killer-instinct tennis pro who played in a (barely) controlled fury on her way to two Olympic golds and a Hall-of-Fame career. The other mom was a fountain-of-energy golf star who ran opponents off the greens on her way to the Hall of Fame.

Today these four-year-old twins are just as adorable as can be when they break into the office of their mom Gigi Fernandez, just next to the tennis courts at Stamford’s Chelsea Piers athletic emporium. Gigi, long retired from the tennis grind, now instructs the local youth, trains adult competitive leagues and manages the facility’s tennis program. But she always has time for the adorable ones, who are now being ushered in by their nanny.

For Gigi and her wife, retired golf champ Jane Geddes, getting pregnant with these kids was a testing ordeal, but what a payoff.

Gigi, raised the daughter of a doctor in Puerto Rico, grew up in a society that expected her to do, you know, the woman’s thing (marriage, kids, home); only gradually was respect given to her athletic gifts. “I had tremendous hand-eye coordination when I was little,” she says in a speedy, no-time-to-waste voice softened by the sight of the kids nearby. “I could rally in tennis when I was three.” Now she has close proximity to her cutie pies who attend preschool elsewhere in the massive complex, and of course have free run of every sport in the building, assuring that this boy and girl will not be picked last in any games in their lifetime.

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